Silent Mobius The Best Music Collection AYCM-622:

  1. A Forbidden Pansee Vocal: Saori Ishitsuka
  2. The Mighty Force Instrumental
  3. Can We Bring the Love in Vocal: Warren Wiebe
  4. Gone - Tommy Fundarburk Version Vocal: Tommy Fundarburki
  5. Golden Unicon Instrumental
  6. You Paint the Sky Vocal: Jason Scheff
  7. The Gentle Heart Instrumental
  8. With Everything I Am Vocal: Joseph Williams
  9. The Hope Instrumental
  10. 'Till The End Of Time Vocals: Jason Scheff and Mica Okudoi
  11. Love Can Never Be Erased Vocal: Felicia Sorenson
  12. Father's Love Instrumental
  13. The Creation Instrumental
  14. Unknown Instrumental Time 4:05
  15. Unknown Instrumental Time 1:54
  16. Unknown Instrumental Time 1:42
  17. Unknown Instrumental Time 2:13 Katsumi?
  18. Unknown Instrumental Time 2:12 Prelude to Battle?
  19. Silently Vocal: Karen Mok
  20. A Forbidden Pansee Piano Instrumental Version

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