Silent Mobius CD singles:

  1. Silent Mobius:The Motion Picture. VIDL-68 Sailing/Surrender.
  2. Silent Mobius Movie 2. VIDL-10258 Movie Two theme.
  3. Silent Mobius Movie 3. KIDA-50 Theme from Edo Drama CDs.
  4. Silent Mobius XX. KTDR-2006 Struggle For Love/Repetition.
  5. Silent Mobius XY. KTDR-2007 Heaven/Wing of Heart.
  6. Silent Mobius XX II KTDR-2032 Si-Ji-Ma.
  7. Silent Mobius XY II KTDR-2033 Ready to love.
  8. Silent Mobius Ladies Love KTDR-2034 Garasu no Moonlight - Toshiko Fujita.
  9. Silent Mobius Ladies Love KTDR-2035 Morning Star - Hiromi Tsuru.
  10. Silent Mobius Ladies Love KTDR-2036 Ichido Dakeno Mahou - Naoko Matsui.
  11. Silent Mobius Ladies Love KTDR-2037 Everything for you - Chieko Honda.
  12. Silent Mobius Ladies Love KTDR-2038 Silent Meeting - Maya Okamoto.
  13. Silent Mobius Ladies Love KTDR-2039 Shining - Miho Nagahori.
  14. Mobius Klein SIDN-2 Skyscraper.
  15. Silent Mobius SXDR-118 Night of Mystery/Sleeping Angel.
  16. TV Opening Theme AYDM-147 CD single.
  17. TV End Theme AYDM-148 CD single.
  18. Til the end of time AYDM-149 CD single.

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