Where shall we find her? how shall we sing to her,
Fold our hands round her knees, and cling?
O that man's heart were as fire and could spring to her,

When the Hounds of Spring by Swinburne

Then in 2029 tragedy struck. Lucifer Folk struck at Katsumi's apartment. Inside was found the body of Katsumi's boyfriend, but Katsumi was missing. In 2030 the AMP found out what happened to Katsumi. She had gone over to the side of Nemesis. She attacked her former friends, injuring Lebia and Yuki. It is during this time that Nami and Kiddy were dispatched with a mysterious item to Hong Kong. There they found Avalanche Wong and his last pupil; Cheng Lum, me. I am a magic user and I wield Jesso, King of Blades. I am now a member of AMP and now we face the resurrection it seems of Project Gaia. This time it is Maximillain Genosa who wants it reborn.

Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes.

Grandfather says I must be honest. I resented how I was brought into the AMP, to be thought of as a substitute for Katsumi Liqueur. That I refused to admit since I thought I was so much better than her. As a result I erred gravely with actions that would have long term consequences. Because of me, a Lucifer Folk gained access to the AMP's computers. I dared to show everyone in AMP how I was better than Katsumi. And in turn it was I who was humiliated as Ganosa obtained the details of Project Gaia. I must and will do better henceforth, for the sake of the world depends upon the AMP.

Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.
Proverbs 26:12

While I battled my personal failings[don't tell Katsumi that!], the other members of the AMP tried to carry on. In spite of knowing that Katsumi had gone over to the side of Nemesis. Just when it seemed things could not get any worse, the bottom did fall out as the Tokyo Police Department Company moved to disband the our organisation. Deputy Chief Isozaki tried to keep us focused on our mission, but it was hard, first with Katsumi against us and now the rest of the police company. Then out of nowhere at a special meeting of the police board, Chief Rally out-maneuvered those on the board and bought them out the whole company. So now we in the AMP are our own department with our own station subject to no one save Chief Rally who took over all of the TPD and Isozaki became our new chief.

Amidst all the maneuvering Ganossa appeared and offered to Chief Rally a special meeting. To which she agreed. It was a trap Ganosa used to launch his final bid to take over the Earth. And once again we had to battle Katsumi as many secrets were revealed that laid just beneath the surface.

Erlösung dem Erlöser.
Richard Wagner's Parsifal.

With the AMP reeling from the attacks, it is Kiddy who saves the day. Overhearing a conversation between Commisioner Rally and Chief Isozaki, Kiddy learns the only way to stop Katsumi is for Katsumi to attack and kill someone she considers a dear friend or loved one. All this time it has not been Katsumi we have been battling but an evil spirit who has possessed Katsumi ever since Roy was murdered. So Kiddy battles under the gloomy rainy skies of a devestated Tokyo Katsumi, intending to lose to her best friend. The brutality of her killing Kiddy shocks Katsumi and breaks the spirit's hold on her. Katsumi briefly goes running off to somewhen else and meets her own mother before she herself was born. Katsumi draws strength from this encounter and now goes to battle Ganossa for the memory of her parents, for Roy, for Kiddy, and her and Roy's unborn child.

As Ganossa readies to strike his final blow and defeat Katsumi, he is instead thwarted by Katsumi's unborn child who shatters Ganossa. Thus the threat of Ganossa and Nemesis is stopped as the clouds part and a new day dawns for humanity.

The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.
Proverbs 28:1

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