The Sons of Heaven cohabited with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.
Genesis 6:4.

The story begins in the mists of time when the different worlds were closer together. When it was easy to cross the thresholds. Among the visitors were entites from the world of Nemesis. Some saw our world as a place to gain easy victories, to terrorize and to kill. Others liked this world and its inhabitants, they interbred with the natives of our world. It is from this mingling that the magicians and sorcerers of legend were created. In following generations the talents would emerge or lie dormant, but they were always there waiting.

While the morning stars sang in chorus and all the sons of God shouted for joy.
Job 38:7.

In 1999, Gigelf Liqueur arrived in Tokyo Japan in company with another adept, Fleck. Almost immediately they are attacked by the man we now know as Maximillian Genosa. All of the airport is laid waste in this display of power. Members of the Magicians Guild like Avalanche Wong joined Gigelf's team including Fuyaka in this mission to clean the Earth of pollution; to take from Nemesis the purity that was killing it and move Earth's pollution to Nemesis. On July 7, 1999 with the help of a particle accelerator, commanded by Dr. Stephen Mavelick, buried under part of Tokyo near Tokyo Bay they attempted to complete what is now known as Project Gaia to accomplish this.
Their intentions were clear. What resulted due to sabotage was akin to an orbital particle beam strike on the waterfront of Tokyo Bay near Fuyaka's ancestral home and a portal to Nemesis was left open. Even now in 2030 that area is strictly off-limits to the public. Though the AMP has been able to deal with the Lucifer Folk who had infested the area.

Nor stood unmindful Abdiel to annoy
The atheist crew, but with redoubled blow
Ariel and Arioch, and the violence
Of Ramiel scorched and blasted overthrew.

Paradise Lost

Over twenty years passed before people in Tokyo started to notice strange events occuring. Mysterious and gruesome murders happened. By 2023 these cases had a name, "The Creature Trap." It was at this time Rally Cheyenne formed a special section of the Tokyo Police to deal with these crimes. In 2024 the Attacked Mystification Police was formed. Initially there were only four members to this elite unit: Rally Cheyenne[Commander], Lebia Mavelick[Visionaire/ Second in Command], Nami Yamigumo[Cleric] and Kiddy Phenil[Fighter]. By 2026 two more members were added: Katsumi Liqueur [Magic User] and Yuki Saiko[Ylper]. In 2027 Mana Isozaki joined and became Second in Command of AMP, later she moved up to full AMP Commander when Rally Cheyenne was promoted. Lebia resumed being Second in Command.

Ending of story. More spoilers ahead.
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