Links to other Silent Mobius pages.

Kia Asamiya announces Silent Mobius will continue, this is probably Silent Mobius Neo since Silent Mobius Tales invovles Steam Detectives.
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  1. Studio Tron's Web-page.
  2. A peek at Silent Mobius Tales.
  3. Tech TV Silent Mobius info
  4. Synopsis of the first Silent Mobius movie.
  5. Viz Communications' Silent Mobius Page.
  6. Bandai Entertainment Silent Mobius Page.
  7. Review of Silent Mobius.
  8. Anime/Manga Resource List.
  9. Some of the lyrics from Silent Mobius
  10. A selected bibiliography of Silent Mobius books.

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This is real good news, I should be seeing the first two collected volumes of Kia Asamiya's Silent Mobius Tales soon. So stay tuned please.

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