Silent Mobius Movie 3 Drama Album: The Ripple

  1. Katsumi Liqueur: Naoko Matsui
  2. Nami Yamigumo: Chieko Honda
  3. Maria Kawamura

The third movie in the Silent Mobius series is also the least known. In fact, it is almost impossible
to find anything relating to it.

This is a live action movie. To be different, the setting of the story is feudal Japan. The seiyuu are cast in various cover identities. They battle an evil wizard in this thankfully short movie. The cheesey special effects are about the only interesting thing. Kiddy's hand cannon made out of wood, Lebia's flying contraption that levitates using a balloon and drops sleeping powder, or the electric sword Lebia gives Katsumi; all are pretty silly. Rally is the owner of a small bar, her special weapon is the pics she uses for her string instrument. The only cool effects are reserved for the evil wizard, he is dressed all in black and he tends to shimmer when using magic.

The crux of the movie revolves around a friend of Katsumi's. She falls afoul of the evil wizard who uses her as the vessel for an evil heart that proceeds to take her over. Katsumi has to battle her own friend.

There is also a laconic and sloppily dressed wanderer who helps them out in their battle, he seems to be skilled.

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