Silent Mobius CDs:

  1. Silent Mobius:The Motion Picture. JNA-1518-2 US release. VICL-178 Japanese release.
  2. Silent Mobius 2:The Motion Picture. JNA-1519-2 US release. VICL-304 Japanese release.
  3. Silent Mobius 3. KTCR-1084 Fifteen track music/drama CD.
  4. Silent Mobius 3. KTCR-1479 Re-issue of KTCR-1084.
  5. Silent Mobius Live Action KICA 141 Music/Drama CD of third movie.
  6. Silent Mobius 3 KICA-143 Seven track music/drama CD. Music by The Ripple.
  7. Silent Mobius 3 KICA-144 Nineteen track music/drama CD. The Ripple.
  8. Syber Beauties KICA-174 Music/Drama CD.
  9. Caution KTCR-1474 Music I CD.
  10. Danger KTCR-1475 Drama I CD.
  11. Warning KTCR-1476/7 Drama II CD.
  12. Emergency KTCR-1478 Music II CD.
  13. Silent Mobius:Symphonic Oratorio VICL-398 Symphonic version of movie music.
  14. Katsumi Mix AYCM-501 Naoko Matsui
  15. Nami Mix AYCM-503 Chieko Honda
  16. Yuki Mix AYCM-508 Maya Okamoto
  17. Mobius Klein I AYCM-598 First CD for Side 0 of the manga.
  18. Mobius Klein II AYCM-599 Second Side 0 Mobius Klein CD.
  19. Return of the Silent Mobius AYCM-600 Original Image Soundtrack, 1994.
  20. Silent Lovers SXCR-609[1994] AYCM-601[1998] Original Drama Album
  21. Pandora Disc AYCM-602 Memorial Best CD, 1994.
  22. Symphony AYCM-607 TV OST Vol.1.
  23. Melody AYCM-612 TV OST Vol.2.
  24. Silent Mobius Collage AYCM-615 1998 audio/drama CD with 10 tracks.
  25. Imagine AYCM-619 TV OST Vol.3.
  26. Best Album TV AYCM-622 The BEST Music Collection.
  27. Vocal Best CD AYCM-681 Six track CD.
Drama Album Vocal Cast.

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