From a sleep of Cold Sleep sober girl ALICE RIDELL. You own jointly in conciousness with this girl. In a war of a weid and AMP
passing to future Tokyo Covered. Close of ALICE = own self pour probe the past you are indispensible.
Yuki and Katsumi pass about a member of the AMP, of course original weird are such as a variation character enters the stage. You must
confront mysterious solving it. To a story, then for a destiny of a girl ALICE to a surprising direction
and your operation may guide.

In 2027 AD finds Roy, a member of the Tokyo Police Corporation's Armored Police section, making a fateful decision as his squad breaches a secret laboratory.
Two years later, with Roy attached to another section [AMP], this old case reactivates when a young girl with amnesia awakens, her name is Alice Ridell.
Ylper Saiko Yuki and Katsumi Lqueur of the AMP get drawn into the mystery as they try to help Alice solve the enigma of her past.

In some aspects, this digital motion picture will remind fans of the Domul case that Aida and his squad had to resolve. But there are many differences also.
This is a game where you guide Yuki and Alice through the story to find Alice's hidden past.

System requirements are Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. 640x480 resolution. This came out in 1996. ISBN 4-938762-95-1. Price 9,800Yen.
If you double-click the Mebius program icon in Windows Explorer, it will run under Windows 2000. Not tested XP yet.

  1. Right click and save the following files to your computer, it maybe quicker.
  2. Original animation of Katsumi and Kiddy deal with a Level 3 Attraction during the investigation. Get to see the Graviton and Hi-Power in action. This a 15.7MB .avi file.
  3. Another original animation showing the Simurgh taking off. This is a 14MB .avi file.

Alice Ridell's true form is revealed.

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