The AMP unit patch, at 80dpi for a faster load.
The duty uniform has two of these patches, one on each shoulder. At one time Studio Tron had actual patches made, but that was over a decade ago so they are hard to find. On rare occasions they do pop up for sale. So to amatuer home-made patches. The only other alternative is to create iron-ons and then iron the image to a correctly shaped and sized piece of dark blue fabric and then sew that to each shoulder.

Above the patch is a metal six inch ruler to give some scale. At its widest point, the top two corners a patch should measure 4 inches. While its height, measured through the S & T of MYSTIFICATION straight through the top& bottom points of the Seal and bottom of patch should measure 4-3/4 inches.

I hope this image and information helps. The patch was scanned in from the Silent Mobius the Motion Picture artbook.

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