Rank insignia for AMP, Tokyo P.D. for Movie 1 and TV series.

Collar Rank

Show: Movie 1 TV Series
1. None Saiko Yuki and Cheng Lum
2. Katsumi Liqueur,
Kiddy Phenil,
and Saiko Yuki.
Roy Devries,
Katsumi Liqueur,
and Kiddy Phenil.
3. Lebia Maverick Lebia Maverick
4. Rally Cheyenne Mana Isozaki
5. None Rally Cheyenne, and
Mana Isozaki after Episode 24.

Collar Insignia Function

The collar insignia not only denotes the rank a person holds within the Tokyo Police Department and its special unit the AMP,
it is also a communication device. Two are worn. Via these collar insignia, Lebia or Chief Isozaki can direct people like Kiddy Phenil
toward the last reported or detected location of an entity, being a I or even a IV. They are voice activated and the red LEDs light up
when they transmit or receive.

When Chief Rally rises in rank to command all of the Tokyo Police Company, she is supposed to add a third LED dot to the two
dots she already has [5]. But in the TV series this does not happen for the last episodes. Meanwhile during Episodes 24-26, Chief
Isozaki alternates almost every other scene between one [4] and two [5] red LEDs for her rank.

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