This costume appeared on Yahoo! Japan a few months back. It is well done, so it can serve as a model to base a new costume on.
  1. This first picture gives a good look at the torso.
    The skirt and jacket both should be the same dark blue as the shoulder patch, neither though should be so dark as to appear black.
    The piping or edging of the jacket should be more a yellow gold than what is seen here. But they have it basically correct.
    The snaps should be the size of a United States quarter and of an off-white or light gray color. The snaps are what button the front together and attach the shoulder pads to the jacket.
  2. The second picture gives a good overview of the complete costume. I must stress the basis of this uniform is the electric blue or electric purple unitard that covers the whole body.
    The white aquilette attaches as shown to the right shoulder.
  3. Last picture shows the left side. Can see where the patch goes on the shoulder pad clearly. Here they use what appears to be an iron-on directly to the costume.
    The weapon belt appears to be of the correct width, about 4 inches. However it should be a non-shiny black material.
    In fact, the whole uniform, except the unitard, should be of a matte finish.

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