1. This image shows the aquilette which needs to be made of white squares.
  2. Plus the aquilette must be under the brown leather shoulder strap and not above as depicted.
  3. This picture shows how far up the side slit goes in the black mini-skirt.
  4. Now the Hi-Power holster they did a very good job of representing it, just missing the Hi-Power.
    If making a holster is beyond your skills, then look for a Very pistol holster; dye and modify it.
  5. Final picture shows the back of the uniform jacket. It should be a dark blue.
    Kiddy always and Lebia sometimes will have attached to the belt in the small of the
    back the large square holster for a compacted Graviton gun.
Drawing of back of uniform
This image was scanned from a 1991 Japanese NewType magazine. I selected it because it shows the back of the uniform without the Graviton or its holster and to supplement picture #5 of the costume.

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